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Pathways to Becoming a Chartered Surveyor at EPCA

We speak to Charles, Katie, Neve and Angus at the EPCA office

Pathways to Becoming a Chartered Surveyor at EPCA

9th of March, 2020

At EPCA, we  provide young people with the foundations for a fulfilling career. We offer opportunities that will prepare and motivate our trainees for the future. By offering work placements, on the job training, and positive work experiences, our young people can kick start their career at EPCA. 


Work Placements from School

Neve McRavey is a pupil at Bishopbriggs Academy, and has joined EPCA for a week’s work experience in an office environment. She is in her sixth and final year at secondary school and is considering studying English Literature at Strathclyde University and then a career in marketing. Neve’s experience at EPCA will help her decide which direction her career will take, and which university course best suits her ambitions. Neve’s time at EPCA gives her experience of working in an office setting, advancing her communication ability and problem solving; skills that she can carry into everyday life and future work.


Year Out Placements From University

Angus Webster is currently a Building Surveying student in his third year of university at Glasgow Caledonian University. As part of the degree course, students are required to obtain work experience during their third year of study.

Angus left school in 2017 and had initial thoughts of mechanical engineering, before pursuing his interest in buildings. Angus began a four-year Building Surveying Honours Degree, and achieved a work placement at EPCA in June 2019. In the next few years, Angus hopes to graduate from university and explore the many options that lie ahead of him.


Part Time Study Towards A Degree

Following two years of studying Chemical Engineering at Strathclyde University, Charles McAuley chose to pursue a career in Building Surveying. Charles studied at City of Glasgow College and subsequently switched to a Building Surveying Honours Degree course at Glasgow Caledonian University. After various part-time jobs in retail, joinery and at football stadiums to support his studies, Charles gained a work placement at EPCA as part of his degree course.  Subsequently Charles switched to a part time Degree, so he could further his work experience whilst completing his degree. Charles plans to complete his final year at university in 2020, while continuing to work for EPCA to eventually become a Chartered Surveyor.


Studying for the Professional Exams

After studying architecture at Glasgow School of Art, Katie Dunbar decided that her interest was in Building Surveying. Between working as a property assistant for a firm of financial advisors and a part-time job at a fast food restaurant, Katie finally fell into Building Surveying at Glasgow Caledonian University. Katie began a work placement with EPCA in March 2015, and in August of that year she progressed on to working four days a week in the office and one day a week at university.  She successfully graduated with a First Class Honours Degree and Katie hopes to pass her APC final exams and become a chartered surveyor.

EPCA has a great track record with trainees obtaining First Class Honours Degrees in Building Surveying. Katie joins two previous young trainees who have worked and studied through their degree with EPCA, and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. 

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