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Commercial Energy Performance

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What we do

EPCA provide energy performance certification across the United Kingdom, and are accredited for those services by Sterling Accreditation.

  • We are accredited for non-domestic buildings up to Level 5, both for England & Wales and for Scotland. This allows us to certify even the most complex commercial buildings in the UK, using dynamic simulation modelling.
  • In addition we have accreditation for undertaking domestic EPCs in both England & Wales and Scotland.
  • Recent regulations in Scotland have introduced Section 63 Action Plans and Display Energy Certificates. We are fully accredited for these services too.

We have extensive experience of providing EPCs across the whole range of property types (eg retail, office, industrial, hotel and licensed trade sectors), and from small one off instructions up to major property portfolios running into hundreds of buildings.

Energy performance certificates explained

Energy Performance Certificates are a statutory rating of your building’s energy performance. They are mandatory for most buildings being leased or sold, and for the construction of all new buildings.

For building owners, it is essential that the building achieves the best rating possible to maximise value and lettability in the future. The EPC regime is a fast changing environment, with recent changes implemented, along with potential changes in the near future. We keep our clients abreast of potential changes and aware of future risks arising from regulatory change.

Section 63 action plans explained

In Scotland, under certain circumstances, building owners are required to produce a "Section 63 Action Plan". The Action Plan lists actions that are required to be implemented by the building owner to improve energy efficiency. These Actions are a statutory requirement under the The Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2016.

The Action Plan is based on the Energy Performance Certificate and forms an additional report. Please click here for more information on the different types of Action Plans.

Any questions?

This is a complex area of new legislation with many pitfalls for the unwary layperson. So please feel free to speak with us if you have any questions.

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